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How It Works
Requirements To Work With Us

Clients send in their leads to us every week; we convert those leads into field appointments.

$20 Per set appointment.

Appointments booked 24 hours in advance.

Recordings of every appointment set always available.

The agent must be on weekly lead order with their current lead vendor of 25 leads per week minimum.

Leads must be Fresh & Exclusive. 


We work primarily with Facebook or Direct Mail leads.  (Other sources will need to be approved by us.) 

Our Mission

As former agents, we understand what an agent goes thru-out in the field. The companies mission is to provide every agent with an additional 2-3 days of selling in the field by eliminating 2-3 days of telemarketing. 


On average we will provide a client an additional 10-25 in-home appointments per week or an additional one to three True Days Off where the agent doesn't have to spend time telemarketing.

I am a veteran agent and had given up on finding a reliable appointment setter that could do the job effectively.  I tried many over the years and was always disappointed.  I was referred to this company by David Duford and as always his information was spot on.  This is a Super Star Agency!