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Message From Founder Greg Neff

"With a 20-year background in the call center industry, I understand most agents would much rather be out writing new business than dialing leads and that's exactly what we do!" 


OUR MISSION is to eliminate the need for an agent to ever dial leads again while simultaneously increasing their weekly net profits.


Depending On The Agents Needs We Can Provide:

An additional 1-3 days of selling by eliminating the need to dial leads. 


An additional 5-10 appointments per day.


An additional 1-3 True Days Off where the agent doesn't have to spend time telemarketing.

Weekends off with the family:  No more Saturdays spent dialing leads.

How It Works

Field & Phone Appointments:

The purpose of this service is to allow agents to spend every day doing what they do best, closing deals!  We provide our clients full calendars every day as many as 6 days a week.  With a daily calendar full of qualified prospects its hard not to hit those numbers every week. 


Recordings of every appointment.

Appointments booked 24 hours in advance.

Agents send us their leads each week.  We contact them by phone, set a specific date and time for either an in-home or phone appointment. 


(Optional) We can qualify for age and health questions.

Live Transfers:

Agents send us their leads each week.

We contact them by phone, qualify for age and ask basic health questions. 


We then live transfer them to the agent. 


We will make the introductions of course.

Expect 1 Live Transfer Per Hour.  4-10 Transfers Per Day.

No more No-Show Appointments, no more traffic, spend time with the family or the dog, get paperwork done,  work on home projects, burn the slacks and hang out in your shorts and flip flops and take a qualified live transfer every hour.

David Duford Testimonial (60 Seconds)
Why He Recommends Us To His Agents.
Our Services 
Final Expense, Mortgage Protection, Medicare

We Provide 3 Appointment Options:

1.  In Home Appointments

2.  Phone or Zoom Appointments

3.  Live Transfer Phone Appointments


$25 Per Live Transfer

$19 Per Set Appointment

$25 Per Set Appointment With Qualifiers


My first day taking live transfers with this company.  I took a total of 7 transfers over an 8 hour period.  One person thought it was free, one just wouldn't commit, one was a callback for Monday and the other 4 all purchased for a total of $2700 AP.   I was able to spend time with my family and pets, work in my t-shirt and jeans, zero no shows, zero traffic, and I wrote 4 policies.  Amazing service that has reinvented my insurance operation for life!

I am a veteran agent and had given up on finding a reliable appointment setter that could do the job effectively.  I tried many over the years and was always disappointed.  I was referred to this company by David Duford and as always his information was spot on.  This is a Super Star Agency! 

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