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Message From Founder Greg Neff

"With a 20-year background in the call center industry, I understand most agents would much rather be out writing new business than dialing leads and that's exactly what we do!" 


OUR MISSION is to eliminate the need for an agent to ever dial leads again while simultaneously increasing their weekly net profits.


Depending On The Agents Needs We Can Provide:

An additional 1-6 days of selling by eliminating the need to dial leads. 


An additional 5-10 appointments per day.


An additional 1-3 True Days Off where the agent doesn't have to spend time telemarketing.

Weekends off with the family:  No more Saturdays spent dialing leads.

David Duford Testimonial (60 Seconds)
Why He Recommends Us To His Agents.
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We Provide 3 Appointment Options:

1.  In Home Appointments

2.  Phone or Zoom Appointments

3.  Live Transfer Phone Appointments


Pricing Is Based On The Level Of Qualifying The Agent Desires Per Set.


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How It Works

Recordings of every appointment.

Appointments booked 24 hours in advance.

Clients send in their leads to us each week; we convert those leads into appointments.

I am a veteran agent and had given up on finding a reliable appointment setter that could do the job effectively.  I tried many over the years and was always disappointed.  I was referred to this company by David Duford and as always his information was spot on.  This is a Super Star Agency! 

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