As a small start-up launched in 2019, we are proud of the reputation we have earned and that many top agencies in the country now refer their agents to us.

We are constantly seeking top quality call center agents to keep up with new demand.  

Every person we work with is very important to us.  We ask that new agents & agencies contact us first to check current availability then if needed we can make a  reservation for them. 

5 Things Every Agent Should Expect From A Proper Scheduling Agency

1. Reliability:  A proper agency should be expected to fill an agents calendar with appointments on the days they have agreed upon, every time as long as the leads source is sufficient.  How can you build your business if you never know what to expect from tomorrows calendar?

2. Conversion Rates:
  We hold ourselves to a very high standard and expect to convert an agents leads into field appointments at or above industry standards.  

3. Full Calendars: One benefit of working with an agency founded by field agents is we understand what the agent goes thru out in the field.  Every agent has a different preference whether that be 5, 8, 10 appointments per day.  No agent wants to work with a partially full calendar.

4. Drive Times:  Long drive times can be agent killers.  Our agency runs a triple computer monitor setup for each work station while scheduling so in addition to the clients google calendar and the C.R.M we always have a window up with google maps.

5. Great Communication:  Communication is key!  Every agent runs their insurance operation a bit different and there is always a learning curve with each new client.  There is no issue we can't work through together with an agent as long as we have good lines of communication.  It's one of the reasons our clients love us!

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