2020 Agency Builder Referral Program

Please Note:  This referral program is not available to the public, it is invite-only.  As such this webpage is hidden from public view.  If you navigate away from this page of the website you will need to use the link sent to you to return or your browser back.  We recommend bookmarking this page.  Kind Regards, Insurance Source Advocate.

Since our launch in 2019, it has been our mission to develop the necessary duplicatable and scalable systems to allow our Agency Builders to migrate if desired entire teams at one time to our appointment setting service.

2020 marks the launch of the first aggressive expansion of our call center operation.  

To facilitate this growth we have reached out to a small group of our  Agency & Industry Leaders, who we already have established relationships with and that can speak to the quality of our service while extending this unique opportunity exclusively to the people in their networks. 


The Referal Program:

We will be paying a Lifetime Residual Referral bonus for each agent that is referred to us. Initially, these residuals were only going to be paid to the small group of Agency Leaders that we already have working relationships with and that invited you here.  However, they approached us on behalf of the people in their networks to discuss arranging a residual payment for their people as well. As a result, the residual program is now paid as follows.

The Referal Bonus: Is $1 Dollar Per Appointment Set, Per Agent, Paid Weekly For Life, To Both You The Agency Leader, As Well As The Agency Leaders we already have relationships with that Referred You To This Page.  

Example:  You send us 10 Agents, running 8 appointments per day 5 days per week, we would be paying You $400 each week for the life of those clients as well as $400 to the industry leaders who referred you here.   

When You Consider:  We can provide every agent with an additional 2-3 days of selling in the field by eliminating 2-3 days of telemarketing. That on average we will provide an agent an additional 10-25 in-home appointments per week. 


Each Agent You Refer: Will generate that weekly residual for you while helping your agents to align with an ethical & highly effective appointment setting service that can serve them well for the life of their insurance business.

Increased Agency Growth Rate:  We have been told by our agencies that promoting the fact agents can have pre-set field appointments is a significant plus to recruiting and retention.

Stand-by List:  In order to facilitate the sharp increase in clients we will be running a rolling stand by list as needed while we bring on additional staff.  We are taking RSVP's on a first come first serve basis effective immediately. 

Note:  If you haven't already we suggest listening to a recording of a Live  Appointment Set to demonstrate quality and learn how we will be converting your agents leads.

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