I Am An Agency Owner And Team Builder, What Benefits Can I Expect To See Agency Wide ? 

On average we increase the number of field appointments by 10-25 per agent per week, by removing 2-3 days of telemarketing and adding 2-3 days in the field.


We are often told by our agencies that promoting the fact agents can have pre-set field appointments is a significant plus to recruiting and retention.

Do You Sell Leads?
How Many Appointments Can I Have Booked Per Day?
With The Corona Virus Can You Set Phone Appointments For Me?

We do not sell leads we are an impartial scheduling agency.

However, we do work with many of the top agencies in the industry and can refer you to the most recommended lead vendors.

Every agent has their own preference and pace they prefer to work:

5 appointment per day booked 2 hours apart.

7 appointments per day booked 1.5 hours apart.

8-10 appointments per day booked every hour on the hour.

The agent is free to choose any pace that suits them.  

Note:  All schedules will need to be approved for availability.

In keeping with the current times we do offer phone appointments as an alternative to the in-home appointment.

We will first offer for the agent to come to the home and have the prospect show their ID thru the glass.  Then the agent will call them from their car in the driveway or they may choose to invite them in upon seeing the agent.

If the prospect is adamant about no visitors to their property we will then schedule a full phone appointment.

Med Sups & Annuities
How Do I Transfer My Weekly Leads To You?
How Do I View The Appointments That You Set For Me?

We do not currently set for Med Sups or Annuities.  However we will be adding these services in the near future and are accepting inquiries at this time.

For lead transfer we simply set up a shared Excel WorkBook for you or you may share your lead vendors fulfillment spreadesheet.

We set up a shared Google Calendar for each client.  The appoiintments are posted into the calendar in realtime so that 24/7 you may view your upcoming  schedule.

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